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Claire is in Vagabond magazine this month January 2015 Issue 8

“Our world is suffering. Whether you feel like the ever-growing Eco movement is fallacy or not, it is absolutely undeniable that the world has drastically changed in the last few decades and not in a positive light. We are also seeing a large surge of environmental awareness and concern for our changing Earth, and a new philosophy on how life should be lived.”

Thanks to all involved for creating and publishing the interview.

Australia Inked Magazine interview

Aus inked 1

The interview and article in Australia Inked magazine in January 2011 celebrates Claire being the creator and driving force behind the annual Rites of Passage tattoo festivals in Melbourne.

The interview highlights Claire’s lifelong interest and passion for art and her philosophy of tattooing.

Rites of Passage – 2015

Claire is the founder of the first Melbourne international tattoo convention ‘The Rites of Passage Festival’ conceived from an idea to connect people with aboriginal culture, traditional practices of tattooing and the notion that tattoos are a spiritual practice that can take a person from one part of their life and into the next as a rite of passage. The successful festival still continues annually in Melbourne at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton gardens, with many of the world’s finest tattoo artists attending.

New Zealand Tattoo & Art Festival

Claire will be tattooing at the NZ Tattoo and Art Festival on the 29 & 30 November in New Plymouth!

Lal Hardys New Tattoo Art

Claire’s artwork and tattoos are featured in Lal Hardys new book which showcases 70 of the Worlds leading tattoo artists.

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Claire is constantly traveling to guest spots and tattoo conventions, feel free to contact her and see where she will be next.


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